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Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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  • Becky Hardy Dixon

    Becky Hardy Dixon

    Llarisa Rock is fake. This person should be banned! Sending out e-mails about a Film Company, MGM UK wanting to use your likeness in an animated film. When they want to pay you through Halifax Bank b/c they claim they are MGM's sole trustee, you either have to pay an 'insurance premium' before they will mail out the check or to direct deposit, you have to pay an inland tax charge or they try to say it's tax evasion. The sum totals 520-550 GBPs. Either way, they try to scam you for your money. Ban this person immediately! I have all correspondence from said companies. Last from Halifax Bank said when I called them out on it said, "Whatever." Pretty professional, don't you think! lol
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